Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Adie's Life @ Two

I love days where we dance all day! Adie has been obsessed with her gold dress we got for Christmas last year and wants to wear it every day so we pulled out the tutus today and she has been on a dance streak! I can't believe the moves she has to get that skirt to twirl! Literally a girl after my own heart and she's mine! :) Stinking love her guts and how girly she is! Today we went to her two year checkup and just like we've always knew she is off the charts for height and weight! Love all of her chunky squishy legs and she took that shot today like a boss! Of course you mention ice cream and she is the happiest girl ever! 

Adie's Life @ Two

Loves: fruit snack by the boxes. she is by far the best ever at hide n' seek. twirling in her dresses. squirt guns are her best friends. her Daddy. putting herself in time-out. still a big fan of monkey. kisses and I love them too! doing anything outside and never going back in. drinks orange juice by the gallons and chocolate milk is at the top of the list too!

Doesn't love so much: getting dressed. [seriously] way too busy for dinner time. getting out of the pool. can't leave monkey behind. she'll push you away when she tries new things and can do it all by herself. 

She says: hat [as she pats her head]. keys, which she will grab in your pockets for them. clock ... we have no idea where that cam from. and I love the way she says ma ma!

Favorite things to do: playing hide n' seek. she is way too good at it! throw things all over the floor and trample them with her grocery cart. blow kisses which completely melts my heart! get her nails painted. picking berries and eating every single one she finds! sneaking sips of my Dr. Pepper!

I love everything about Peek Kids Mickey & Minnie collection! The vintage look is by far my favorite ever and of course "it's kind of fun to do the impossible" LOVE IT! The tee is the softest ever and it looks perfect with her little tutu and my favorite sneakers! I cannot wait until Fall starts to pop up at our favorite places and we get to snuggle lots to stay warm! We are counting down the days until our toes are in the sand and we're getting sun-kissed and making memories!!! We still have water balloons to throw, cookies to bake and fields of flowers to discover this week and I cannot wait! Little by little I get a little tougher and manage to get back on track of being Mommy again and I love it! I am so looking forward to that day I can pick up my girl [21 days. 23 hours. 57 minutes. 5 seconds] again and just love her!

Cheers to this girls dance moves! 

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