Monday, July 28, 2014

Wish List Back to School Style

Funnest Monday in a long time! I love being with my two favorites ... especially all day! I got to spend the quickest day ever with my Twin and I sure need some family time without crazy helicopter rides! Eric is off this week because we celebrated our four years of kisses. laughs. holding hands. putting up with my Dr. Pepper habit. and being married over the weekend :) Stinking love the crap out of him! #luckygirl We're just keeping things low key and I couldn't love it any more! I could absolutely get used to hanging out every day with my two super tan babes! 

It is already back to school time ... seriously! This year Adie will go to like pre-pre-school :) and I can't wait but I think I will be a hot mess when I walk her to the door! Just a couple days a week which I will probably just sit in the car. in the parking lot. waiting. :) She will totally love it and that's what will make my heart smile!

1. Pretty & Perfect is exactly my Adie babes! #meanttobe Carter's
2. Never ever can pass up a great piece of jewelry! J.Crew
3. The most comfy sweater ever ... love it with number four and twelve! J.Crew
4. I love the classic look of this skirt! Paired with sneakers too! J.Crew
6. Hel-lo! These jeans are a freaking must!! I can't wait to go shopping! Carter's
7. I love a good sweater and this one is darling!!! GAP Kids
8. Love a simple tee with a little glamour! J.Crew
9. Totally in love with the jacket! Killer style with number eleven or twelve!!! J.Crew
10. Cutest backpack ever! Just big enough for monkey to tag along too! J.Crew
11. Love this floral print skirt and how you can dress it casual and girly!!! Carter's
12. Favorite skinny jeans ever!!! I have to go shopping!!! GAP Kids

I am dying over this babe! She melts my heart into goo over and over again! We haven't mastered cheese but she sure will show you her teeth if you ask her! This week will be full of sunscreen. tan lines. lots of ice cream. water balloons. kisses. naps. and being with this girl! Best ever! I have my follow up appointment and cannot wait to see how things are going because I am dying to pick up my sweet girl! It will be a month on August 3rd and I have been dying to grab her and snuggle her just LOVE her like mommies do! Cannot wait and we have a trip planned to Bear Lake and hoping I can paddle board and have a mini vacation that I can truly say cheers to kicking the 4-wheelers ass! Summers!

Recovery is happening with a few thirstbusters and a ton of kisses from my Adie girl!

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