Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trauma Castle

It has been almost a week since I got my new nickname Trauma Castle while we went out as a family four-wheeling! We made our usual stop at the Maverik and headed out to the sand dunes Knolls! This time we were fully prepared with squirt-guns and even Adie got the hang of getting everyone wet! It was hot and windy but so fun having my family together making memories! 

I am seriously sticking to shopping! I never hotdog around in the sand, I yell at Eric when I get scared and use the excuse of Adie is with us too many times! We hit all of the must have stops, snapped a few pictures and got everyone  a little wet! Drenched our girl and watched her play in the sand and the last thing I could remember was how happy I was that I get to be with family and completely smiled in my heart!

I woke up to my Hubby telling me I was ok and wind. sand. everywhere. couldn't breathe and spitting out blood! I now know something serious has happened as I can only squeeze his hand to let him know, I am here and I am terrified and in so much pain! I hear everyone talking, I see nothing and I can feel the fear of my family! I hear the helicopter and before you know it I am in the air trying to breathe! 

My strong bad ass Hubby pulled the 700 pound four-wheeler off me after running through the sand, which is seriously hard to do! No helmet but all the stinking luck in the world! I never thought I'd be one of those stories! I don't remember anything about the accident but I do remember they cut my new LuLu Lemon sports bra and that seriously sucks ;) but am so grateful I will recover and be the Lisa I was a week ago before I became Trauma Castle! They called me that in the ICU until they knew exactly who I was and not the girl who cussed at everybody between every bed transfer and cat scan!   

You can read the article here because I just want to focus on how freaking lucky I am! I bawl just thinking about it and my little family! I wasn't wearing a helmet and am lucky to just have a broken clavicle and a couple ribs with some sore lungs! The pain is the f'ing worst and not being able to snuggle my little girl breaks my heart! Not to mention not spending the summer in the sun with my Hubby! But I am alive and soon this will be a painful memory and a reminder to live life and love with all you have!!!

I couldn't get through any of anything without my family! They have been all I could ever need in this grateful opportunity!! 
Love you so much!

I will announce the winner of our birthday giveaway with Freshly Picked tomorrow! xoxo