Thursday, July 31, 2014


Nothing has been better than Eric being off this week! I have seen Adie's face light up 53438535 times which makes my heart so happy! She sure loves her Daddy! Ring around the rosie has been a must every time we head outside! I seriously LOVE the Minnie and Mickey collection over at Peek Kids! I have this light sweater I am dying to take pictures with her in it! Just have to find the perfect pair of pants! We have been in the pool, up the stairs and down the slide a few hundred times and not to mention her tan lines are stinking cute as ever! Plus lunch time pool side always makes for the best afternoon! We took her to the park and she was all over the place. Running to rock climb, then running to go down the slide, then it was play on the train and then more slides and a swing between dancing around and following all the other kids! 

We took Ade to the zoo and watched her roar at the lions and act like a monkey! She seriously cracks me up! We took a train ride and had to go on the merry-go-rounds which she now likes! She kept waving to me and giving me thumbs up! The weather has been rainy and of course that means throw on her little rain boots and play in the rain until she was drenched! And take naps, since my accident I swear I need them daily and I am dying to sleep on my stomach again and pick up my Adie babes! I could seriously get used to Eric being home all of the time, spending our days together sure has made recovery a breeze! I am such a better me with him and even more so when he's home!!! I cannot wait to spend a mini vacation in Bear Lake with my favorites and family!

Hanging on to the week and spending time with my favorites!!!

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