Thursday, July 10, 2014

June 30th + Freshly Picked Winner

Nothing was more fun than celebrating our Adie babes and watching her light up every time we sang Happy Birthday! I even sang it to her while we brushed her teeth so we could reach all the cake! She just totally knows it's a special song and it's for her! We started her day with some of her favorites! Chocolate milk and donuts would make any morning perfect! I'm a huge fan of plain glazed and could eat an entire dozen! Now I want donuts! Adie could drink 3819239 gallons of chocolate milk if  she could get away with it!

We used some of her decorations from her party to keep things in party mode! We had pizza and lemonade for dinner which like always she ate upside down! She's CRAZY! I just love how she's growing up to be the funnest girl I know! She is everything I could have ever hoped for and then a whole bunch more! I saved a couple of gifts for her to unwrap like the boring stuff ... clothes and the coolest sneakers ever! Every time we go to the mall after we do the escalators she runs and finds the light up shoes and tries to get me to take her shoes off so she can wear them! Now she has her very own flashy pair that look stinking so cute on her!!!! I want her wardrobe!!! Nordstrom is having their early access SALE for all card holders!!! A FREAKING MUST for any shopper!!!

Here's to celebrating everything Adie will teach me being two and making my heart explode into a million little Adie hugs and kisses! She is beyond special ... she's a few wishes come true and to my surprise more perfect than I could have ever dreamed of! Love you Adie girl and we're so lucky to call you our daughter!!! Mommy and Daddy love you!!!

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