Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dressed up on a Wednesday

I love everything about this outfit for summer! Adie is obsessed [complete under statement] with jewelry! She will wear 5268546 necklaces and 453617 bracelets to bed and insists they stay on! I just love how girly she is ... hope it sticks! :) She has such a good balance of being that adventurous silly girl and then picks out nail polish to get her nails painted! LOVE! She got this cute dress for her birthday and her little mermaid bracelet from Caged Bird which if you haven't checked her out ... do it! Picked up her little necklace from J.Crew with her birthday money and she had to wear it out of the store!!! She is my little shopper and we both could really use a trip to the mall, which I hope to make it there today to get out of the house and buy something I can wear with my killer new scar! 

She is off to play with cousins at the aquarium and it never gets easy waving bye bye to her! Is anyone else like me?!? I just love our time together and since it's been limited lately I just want to keep her all to myself! Pre-school will be the death of me!!! Which there is a fun pre-school super close by that we will be signing her up for soon! She will LOVE it and make new friends and I can't wait to see her grow and learn! She has completely captured my heart! 

Now to the important stuff. THESE KILLER SHOES! I need a matching pair and am in love with them on Adie! She needed a few new sneakers to reach into Fall and these are my favorite ever! I love that you can match them with any dress or skirt to keep in touch with her super girly side and then with some skinny jeans to keep the adventures alive!!! Super easy to put on and tie up to head out for a fun day! 

dress: GAP Kids sold out similar here | leggings: Old Navy
]necklace: J.Crew | bracelet: Caged Bird | sneakers: Journeys Kidz

Hope you are all having a good week so far, Happy HUMP day!

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