Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Adie's 2nd Birthday

I cannot believe our sweet beautiful girl is TWO! Monday marked the official terrible two's and she really has rocked it like a boss! We had the best time celebrating her birthday this past weekend with friends and family! We would ask Adie how old she was turning before her birthday and she always held up her hand and all five fingers and days it feels just like she is five!!! She is so grown up!!! When we asked her how old she was on her birthday she killed it and held up her two cute little fingers! Just love her guts!

Adie has been in love with the pool all summer so far and even the bathtub she pretends to swim and she laughs so hard and splashes everything! Cup fulls of water literally out. of. the. bathtub. So what better way to celebrate than with a swim party! I loved the idea of a mermaid celebration because Adie loves the princesses and water, even the world's smallest puddle! Seriously! She will make a splash out of it! 

I went with the colors from our birthday inspiration here to create Adie's swim celebration and I couldn't have loved how it turned out any more than if she decorated it herself! :)  I spray painted a couple pieces of coral that were actually used for our wedding reception which makes it so much more fun! (thanks Ma for bringing them on the plane with you) Anything thrown in a mason jar makes things a little more organized and neat looking just the way I seriously have to have it. #OCD I ordered her cake and cupcakes from Harmons and added gumballs with paper straws to make the cutest cupcakes ever! They were seriously the best tasting ever and the easiest which I loved the most! I found some coral at Wal-Mart in the fish department and spray painted them to match and stuck them on her cake with her cute little sparkler 2! Which sparkled just like her while we sang Happy Birthday which I will sing to her 789604563 times a day to see her sweet face lite up the way it does! It's like she knows its so special for her and her smile is magical!!! 

Add a little food coloring to lemonade and you have a drink that looks like the blue ocean that I so badly need to get back to!!! I found Happy Birthday tags and tied them to mason jars with bakers twine and of course matching paper straws! Not to mention I found these (the green one is on sale in stores) awesome perfect green trays at Crate and Barrel to hold them!!! 

One of my favorite things from Adie's birthday party is the candy kabobs! I have seen them on Instagram and then of course searched them on Pinterest and fell in love!!! I found candy that looked like the Little Mermaid and LOVE them! Had the best idea ever to spray paint a 2x4 and drilled holes (my Dad did, love you!) to hold each stick of the yummiest candy! 

A birthday party is totally not a party without a jumping castle! Literally a castle! (Thanks Grandpa Gerald, funnest thing ever) Watching Adie jump with her Uncles, and Grandparents was the funniest thing ever! She totally loved every bounce and face smash as we all laughed our heads off! I was DYING! I am thinking I need one for my birthday too! Adie loves her teepee me and my Ma worked on until four am (which is totally another post all its own) ... she loved the rug and pillows and the best part is listening to her giggles! And she LOVES her stinking cute mini cooper and I was seriously stressing and worried she wouldn't be able to steer it and that she would run into everything and I am so proud of her! She drives that thing like the cutest girl EVER and totally lives on the edge and turns at the last minute to miss everything that was in her way! Adie seriously probably could have opened just one gift because she so would throw a gift at me and I opened them then showed her what each one was! So funny! Her excitement is so contagious and her personality cracks me up! JUST STINKING LOVE HER!!!

One of my favorite things about Adie's birthday is the lei's my Dad ordered and had delivered from Hawaii! I know right!?! :) Every girl that turns two needs one for her mermaid swim celebration!!! I am so thankful my family (we missed you Auntie Dee Dee and Uncle Keith) was able to help celebrate how special she is and spend time with her and make memories that will last a lifetime!

We love you so much Adie babes and you have made Mommy and Daddy the happiest ever! We love your energy, your sassy cuteness, your beautiful smile and your laugh captures our heart over and over again! We love you more than you will ever, ever know and wish we could make time stand still so you'd be little forever but you'll always be our little girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday Adie Rey


  1. A dream party!! I loved everything about this! You are so creative. And I love that your family helped out even being states away from you. (I think that is one of the reasons I love your blog so much, we are in a similar situation being in a different state than our families, it's hard) I loved the details of this party. And those candy kabobs, I have to give them a try - Best.Idea.Ever.! You are an inspiration! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  2. summer b-day parties are the best and Adie's looks and sounds like a dream! too much cuteness!