Sunday, June 22, 2014

Wish List Summer Style

It has been such a busy weekend and getting a total of nine hours of sleep in 3 days made the best time at Girls Camp! Spending a few days with young ladies sure teaches you how to have more fun, explore, and to make new friends! I loved every minute of it and am so thankful for the opportunity to have been able to go and Adie was pretty lucky spending all that time with her Daddy! I got the cutest pictures while I was gone and she says 'keys' and looks like five feet taller! :) Bear Lake is a must ... I loved that we did a little kayaking and paddle-boarding which are both a first for me and now I am obsessed, seriously so fun!!! Nothing beats being home with your favorites and it's the best getting welcome home kisses!

 This week is crunch time for Adie's birthday!!! I cannot wait to see it all come together and we get to celebrate our sweet baby girl turning two! We pick up my family on Friday morning and the celebration starts Saturday!!! I always love a good wish list which usually leads to a few things ending up in Adie's closet. I think summer was made for dresses and sandals! Right now with Adie hating to get dressed, dresses are the go to for an easier morning! For all of us! I love number 2 ... totally brings back memories of when I would wear jellies. # five is the most darling dress ever, the print is so girly and would be perfect for any summer picnic! Those pajamas are killing me too, a onesie but shorts, so fun!!!! The perfect pick for warm summer nights!

1. Love that purple color and it would be perfect for shorts or leggings! J.Crew
2. Love these little jellies and what girl doesn't need a new pair of shoes! GAP Kids
3. I love these dark skinny jeans, which is such a good transition into Fall! Peek Kids
4. Love the lace sleeves which totally brings out the girly in your basic tee! J.Crew
5. Love everything about this dress and it would rock with number eleven! Zara
6. We will for sure need this for our beach days! LOVE! J.Crew
7. I love a good headband and this flower is perfect and that color!!! WE NEED! Janie & Jack
8. I love the abstract style of this skirt, I would totally pair it with any tee and head out for a day at the park! J.Crew
9. This dress looks so tropical that we'll need a cute drink with an umbrella in it while wearing it! GAP Kids
10. THESE PAJAMAS!!! So stinking cute and perfect for summer!!! GAP Kids
11. I love this style of sandal, and the color makes it easy to pair with really anything!!! GAP Kids
12. This dress is a sure must have, love the detail work and those sleeves are so fun!! GAP Kids

Cheers to an awesome week and picking up my family Friday!!! :) YAY!

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