Monday, June 16, 2014

Wish List H&M Style - Father's Day too

Hope everyone enjoyed your Father's Day weekend!!! Nothing better than spending the entire day relaxing with our guy!!! Eric has thought we needed a new T.V. for about a year now ... I never saw anything wrong with ours that I've watched numerous episodes of Scandal and Revenge on! But for some reason it just wasn't the television we needed (just like Adie's new swimsuit, but I bought it anyway)! So for Father's Day Eric has a big brand new pretty awesome t.v. and I got him a four-pack of cream soda and some dark chocolate Reese's to go with any game night or 007 movie marathon!!! We spent the day with family after church and eating outside in the summer always makes everything taste better! Even fajitas! I watched Adie play with Eric and her Uncles which seriously is the cutest ever! There is just certain things all Dad's do better! 

H&M is seriously so in style when it comes to toddlers clothes and the fact that you can get an entire outfit for less than $50! THE BEST! I totally think Adie will look simply adorable in anything we picked today! I am dying over # one ... she would be obsessed! If I don't put any clothes on Adie right when she wakes up I can throw out any chance of ever putting even just a tee on!!! She loves being in her diaper all day, right now she is napping in her robe because she insisted we leave it on! Numbers seven and eleven with butterflies are so cute, we have been spotting them in the backyard so these would be perfect for our adventures! Those overalls! DYING! Not to mention # three and four are a complete accessory must have! I love summer and all the cute outfits!!! Happy Shopping guys!!!

1. This tutu dress is the perfect must have for our little dancer!!!! Ballet Costume
2. Cardigans on little girls make any outfit stinking cute. Jersey Cardigan
3. PINK SUNNIES! Need we say anymore. Sunglasses
4. Love that these are just slip-ons and you can be out the door and outside with no sass! Espardilles
5. Polka dot overalls are so cute! Would be cute paired with a rolled up long sleeve collard shirt! Bib Overall Shorts
6. THIS CROWN!!! I just might have to go buy it for Adie's birthday!!! Hairband with Crown
7. Always need a selection when picking out a suit for a pool day! Patterned Swimsuit
8. This dress is darling and 4th of July is just around the corner, perfect for church!!! Dress with Tulle Ruffle
9. Nothing beats a black and white dress, maybe stripes do! :) Striped Dress
10. Love these leggings and would seriously go with everything! Thick Jersey Leggings
11. Cute little butterflies!!! Jersey Leggings
12. Love the ruffle capped sleeves, totally a must! Jersey Top

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