Sunday, June 8, 2014


SUMMER STARTS HERE! Finally sun-kissed skin and the smell of sunscreen every day! I am so excited summer is finally here! Not officially but it sure feels like it! We have been pool side every morning before Adie takes her nap, which she takes like a boss! We have lots planned this summer and I cannot wait to enjoy it with my two favorites! Adie's birthday is at the end of the month and I cannot believe I will have a two year old! A. TWO. YEAR. OLD. The time has seriously flown by and I can't wait to celebrate how special she is to me and her Daddy!

So a few things on our SUMMER BUCKET LIST

1. I am all about the lazy days.
2. Go on a picnic and bring our favorite snacks.
3. Have a water balloon fight. Girls vs. Daddy :)
4. Go camping and count the stars.
5. Water parks and snow cones for the win!
6. Camp out in her new teepee and have a movie night outside!
8. Continue our morning splash fights in the pool and swim!
9. ooooo and aaahhhh over Daddy's fireworks.
10. Long summer nights with s'mores!
11. Build sand castles at the beach!
12. Take a road trip (hopefully fly) to Arizona.
13. Start pre-pre school and make new friends!

Biggest event this summer is celebrating our sweet baby girl's second birthday! I cannot believe she is turning two! I cannot wait until her birthday all comes together and my family will be up to help celebrate! Until then I will continue to learn how to win the battle of sewing and make her teepee and all that goes in it, have a blast at Girls Camp and manage to keep it all together while me and Dr. Pepper start spending time apart.

 Been having fun summer nights and what better way then with drinks by the pool! LOVE! Really any event needs cute paper festive straws and a mason jar or two! :) I love making Adie's days special, her excitement is contagious or maybe it's mine, either way its a blast! Something we look forward to daily! She totally gets cheers and I couldn't love it any more. Cheers to fruit snacks, drinks and chips and salsa! Pool days are literally the best days! 

Cheers to a fun weekend and here's to making this week count!

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