Monday, June 23, 2014

First Day of Summer Weekend

I love SUMMER! Every time I think about how much fun it is, Olaf's song  pops in my head! [seriously ... OMG] But I love having our dinners outside, the tan lines, the water activities, camping, canyon BBQ's and the long days! Summer has officially started and I cannot wait for the trips we have planned and the many days at the pool to be had! Adie has become quit the little fish and looks so cute in her little floats!!! I always love music playing and sometimes my iPhone doesn't get loud enough and this is the cutest radio ever and even Adie loves it and insists on caring it around, drumming it like a guitar and dancing! It's been fun spending our nights outside and I think sometimes eating outside is just what we all need! Being inside makes us a little crazy and it's summer, you have to play outside! 

Hope you guys have fun summer plans and spend most of your days outside! Right now it's been getting a little too hot for me [which is surprising, since I am from Arizona] so we always have a glass of lemonade to cool things down. I love how adventurous this stage is, Adie is all about touching everything and getting extremely close to any bug and then running away from them! She is a wild girl in the bath, she could spend all day in the pool and eat gallons of gummy snacks! I love her more and more every day! It is truly crazy the love you have for your children! Just love this age of excitement and everything is just so fun in the eyes of Adie! [even helping me do dishes and vacuuming, I wish it only lasts!] 3.5 more days until the party begins and we pick my family up Friday!! SO EXCITED!!! 

Cheers to SUMMER!