Monday, June 2, 2014

Chasing Dreams

I have had the opportunity to start chasing my dreams and I cannot be more thrilled, excited and a little scared! I have always said I belong on the beach and somehow captured my Hubby in SLC and now we are going to celebrate our sweet baby girl's second birthday at the end of the month! This makes me want it more than ever. I need my days filled with the laughter and giggles from my two favorites! Not to mention my New Year's resolution, [here] I haven't even started and we are in June, six months and I still haven't done anything until now. I am the one who always talks about it but now I am doing something about it! I find something so relaxing about the beach and the ocean! I love everything about the blue water, the white sand and it always smells like vacation!  I am on the journey to be a healthier more energized me ... I need to keep up with Adie and just life in general so we are rocking it as of, now!

Cheers to a healthier happier ... you!!! Come join me :)


  1. It's ALL about chasing dreams! That is what I preach every day! Do what you love and love what you do right!?

    1. Exactly!!! Love that you preach this every day!!! :) xoxo