Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wish List Instagram Style

Happy Memorial Day ... hopefully you are not working and are poolside right now! :) I plan to be splashing with our Adie babes and my Guy all day with a BBQ and sun kissed face! It has been a long weekend not feeling like super mom, but here's to kicking it's ass!! Nothing is worse than being sick with a toddler who is go. go. go. all day long! But thank goodness Eric has been home and has made getting better a little easier! This weekend we went four wheeling to a usual destination, Knolls [sand dunes, I think] and I am glad I went [drugs and all] it's so fun to see Adie laugh with the wind in her hair and be with family! 

I love Instagram and how you can make new friends you never met, how you can discover someone else's talents and how you can inspire someone yourself! I follow a few amazingly talented people and have gathered up a few wishes for our usual Monday list! I seriously think Adie needs must have all of these [just like every wish list] but honestly everything is so unique and yet still captures her style!!! I am dying over that cute dolly number ten!!! It would be the cutest gift for her birthday, which her invitations are being designed right now and I am DYING!! Cannot wait to share!!! 

1. I kiss Adie all day long and this sweater would be perfect for when I do!!! Fawn Shoppe
2. Anything pink and sparkly is a must in my book! This hair-clip is perfect! The Tom Kat Studio
3. I love polka dots and this dress is so perfect for summer days!!! LOVE IT!!! Dreamcatcher Baby
4. I love this hello tee ... they are from Arizona, what more could you want :) Hello Apparel
5. This jeweled baby is so pretty! I love this statement chunky piece, I might have to have it for me too! Shop by Monika
6. I think any fruit screams summer and these pineapples are rockin' it!!! Spearmint Love
7. I have been dying over these headbands since Adie now actually keeps them on! WE NEED TONS! Little Hip Squeaks
8. I love the colors in these leggings and they would pair perfectly with #four. Von Bon
9. I have been obsessed since I discovered this awesome-ness! Maybe for Adie's birthday coming up!!! Salt City Emporium
10. I AM IN LOVE!!! This dolly, so girly, so fun!!! Completely perfect for my Adie babes! Salt City Emporium
11. I always tell Adie 'I love her to all the stars in the sky and back' so these are a must!!! Candy Kirby Designs
12. These leggings look so stinking comfy that they should come in Me + Her sizes!!! LOVE! House of Mia

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