Monday, May 12, 2014

Wish List Birthday Style

Hope you Mamas had the best Mother's Day weekend! I loved spending it with my Adie babes [even though we spend every minute and second together it was still the best]. We took Adie to Boondocks on Saturday and it was a complete blast! She pushed every button probably 1,564,123,543 times and watching her rip the tickets as they were flying out was hilarious! She was a total arcade bad-ass, she owned it, all of it! Throwing the ski balls in the other lanes and even behind her and more important, at us! So fun! :) Of course we worked up a thirst and I couldn't help but share! I just love her stinking guts!!!

I have been working on some things for Adie's birthday so what better wish list than that! BIRTHDAY WISH LIST! She literally has too much that today we went through her toy box and cleaned it out to make room for more fun! We are definitely in our next size up for clothes and there are so many cute summer tees out there! I am dying over the little cute Hawaiian girl! Aloha! We can never go wrong with books and Adie loves bubbles right now so the bubble maker would be perfect!!! A girl is always in need of cute hair accessories and we are loving Charlie Cocos anything! The little dolly buggy kills me with cuteness, Adie doesn't have her first official baby doll and I think her birthday would be the perfect time! Hopefully a few of you [family, favorite Uncles & Aunties] get some ideas for Adie and your own little birthday babes this summer!

Happy Monday! We're looking forward to warmer weather and being outside!

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