Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Skittles for the WIN!

Baby Sea Tee: Peek Kids | Maya Dot Shorts: Peek Kids | All Star Sneakers: Peek Kids | Hat: Lil' Raskals Boutique

After I bribed Adie with skittles and she woke up on the sassy side of her bed we played outside in the sunshine! It is finally warming up here and getting kissed from the sun is exactly what we've needed! We ate breakfast outside, threw rocks and dirt, found every little puddle and giggled lots! I had to bribe Adie to wear this hat I had gotten months and months ago from Lil' Raskals Boutique and it pretty much fits now and is completely adorable! I love that she can play and run around with it on and not have to squint from the sun or completely destroy her sunglasses! This afternoon we took our usual walk, run and even a side skip around the yard to see what we can discover and of course she had to bring her basket full of things that are a must to take with! [she is even asleep right now with her basket full of stuff in her crib ... toddlers!] We saw ducks, picked up and threw rocks, danced, splashed in more barely there puddles, ate skittles, laughed and I discovered that this girl of mine belongs outside! She is so happy being outside and discovering anything! Summer for sure will be a favorite of hers I just know it! Her birthday, 4th of July, swimming, BBQs, picnics, volleyball and the sunshine is just a glimpse of what summer is going to look like! Of course we love Peek Kids and her little outfit is all on sale now so hurry and shop :) I am dying over this tee we picked out for her birthday wish list you can see here! Happy HUMP DAY and here's to less skittles and shopping!

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