Thursday, May 15, 2014


Headband: [old] Stay & Co. | Theresa Tee: Peek Kids | Star Leggings: Abby & Co. | Moccasins: Freshly Picked 

Our days are long, our nights are short and we've got a fridge full of Dr. Pepper! It doesn't get dark here now until around 8:thirty which means Adie stays up after her bedtime and things just seem to happen much later. I guess that's what summer is all about!!! Staying up late and running around with Monkey! I love these new leggings we won from Abby & Co. [now called @lifeofthelims] on Instagram and think everyone needs a pair including me! We were supposed to tell them a milestone or something your child has done! SO ... I wrote that my Adie babes still looks beautiful with a black eye! and WE WON!!! It seriously rocked my Friday and they couldn't look any cuter on her! I love how Instagram brings friendship and uniqueness to us! I like Adie's headbands to be bright and a little miss-matchy which seems to totally be the style and it works! And I love that it brings a little pop of color to the outfit! Thank you so much for our stinking cute leggings and we will always remember your generosity and how Instagram brings strangers together and makes them friends :) Follow us here on Instagram :)

TGIF and cheers to a fun sunny weekend!

A sneak peek of some birthday fun [giveaway] next month!!! :) 

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