Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pizzeria Limone

I seriously had the best lunch today at our new favorite pizzeria! If you are ever in Sandy, Utah stop off at one fourteen and grab the best pizza from the Pizzeria Limone! It is totally Adie approved and she was the best date ever! So we ate pizza, sprinkled gallons of cheese everywhere and drank from the best water I've had [maybe its just the bottle but really it's good] and enjoyed fun company from a girlfriend of mine! This place is totally modern and kid friendly which I always love, the price was perfect so we will be for sure coming back again and again!

We need more cheese of course! I am loving Adie's bow we got from Charlie Cocos and the sparkle headband is to die for! She has just filled my everything with so much joy! Every day gets even better than the one before! She is growing so fast and I am so glad I get to capture these moments for her to look back on! Which is a huge reason I do Adie's Corner and we just love that you follow along and put up with like a ba-gillion pictures of Adie!!  

We hope you are enjoying the week so far and that you have some fun plans for Mother's Day! I plan on spending some time with my sweet Adie babes on Saturday going to the movies to see RIO 2 and I have wanted to take her to an arcade so we will for sure be pushing every button and throwing a ton of ski balls this weekend! Benvenuti!