Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy May! I cannot believe how fast two thousand fourteen is going! I love that it is, sunshine, flowers and being outside with my Adie babes couldn't ask for anything better! If today was our glimpse into summer I cannot wait, being outside, throwing rocks in the water, splashing in any amount of water, picking flowers and giggling the entire time! Bath time on the other hand is another story, she used to try and climb in with her clothes still on and now she clings to you like there is something in the tub! We are so confused! I just love being her Mama and I could have never dreamed of such a sweet, beautiful and darling daughter! I am seriously the luckiest girl ever!

Sometimes me and Eric rock. paper. scissors to see who gets Adie after she has sung her heart out and yelled "Dada" a few hundred times. But I totally think Sunday is made for breakfast in bed and I am loving this ceramic milk carton!!! The weather has been so nice lately and I sure hope it sticks around so we can picnic outside and I can totally just watch Adie be her cute little run-around self! We will be living outside and this picnic basket is perfect and for all the summer canyon BBQ's that are about to happen every weekend! Cannot wait!

breakfast in bed:

picnic outside:

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