Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2 THOUSAND 14

It has been a year since I quit my job and decided my Adie babes and I would spend the days and nights together! We have been through late night tears, feels like a million diapers, gallons and gallons of milk, 1,456,489,145 episodes of Princess Sofia, giggles and belly laughs, she crawled, she learned to walk which turned into running everywhere, her first birthday party and my heart has never been so full of complete irreplaceable joy! I am so lucky to spend these quick years with my sweet daughter and capture it all with Adie's Corner! I cannot wait for a billion more days with my girl!

This past Mother's Day weekend was so fun! We went to a favorite restaurant Blue Iguana! I get the same thing every time I go with lots of chips and salsa and way too much Dr. Pepper! Adie eats her usual tortillas from Daddy after she takes one bite of her quesadilla! I knew Adie would love the arcade and I still think that is an understatement! She was here and there, and tickets, and buttons, and throwing balls and drinks and more tickets! She was the cutest ever. We took pictures in those close the curtain $2 booths and it was hysterical! Lifting her up to the camera just made for the funnest pictures I get to treasure for forever! Adie has been independent since forever ago and Saturday night was no different! She insisted on getting on the bike herself and pushing the throttle buttons and driving the boat and laughing when the steering wheel would shake! She has been obsessed with her slinky and her excitement is contagious!

We left with a slinky, barrel of monkeys, one giant pen, two ducks and 2 erasers and the best dang Saturday night yet! I will always remember her giggly smile, her overhand throw and the way she makes me feel being her Mommy! She truly has been our little sweet good girl with maybe an attitude or two three :) I could not have asked ever for a more happy, fun, beautiful, smart, daughter! I am one lucky Mama!

 Cheers to Mamas everywhere!

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