Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life Lately From My iPhone

I seriously cannot believe my little girl is going to be two next month! I think I just might bawl ... she is the best thing that has ever happened to me [her Daddy too].

Nothing beats a play date outside when the sun is shinning! She always tries to make her dollies stand up! And I could stare at her play all day!!!

It's officially summer when you have your first BBQ dinner outside! I love everything about being outside and Adie lights up completely when we take dinner outside!

Nothing these little smoothies cannot take care of! She loves them and they are totally me approved! Since she hates water this could be the next best thing!

I got this cute little print from a boutique shop and I could not agree with it more! I cannot wait to keep falling in love!

My Ma got me this nail polish for Mother's Day and I am kind of obsessed! Different from my usual pinks but it's totally rad for summer!

Adie will no longer sit in the grocery cart so she helps out and occasionally puts a few things in the basket that I have to sneak back out! She is so grown up!!!

Found this on our adventures four wheeling and it makes me want to be at the beach!! Having a luau party!!

Adie's first dip in the pool was nothing but laughs and splashes! She is definitely like her Daddy and loves the water and this summer we will be camped out by the pool!

I want to squeeze this girl of mine all. of. the. time! She has my heart and I love her so stinking much!!!

She insists stickers go on the television! She is obsessed with Despicable Me 2 and Monster's University! She will go and turn the t.v. on and then run and jump on the couch and start giggling and wait for you to turn her movie on!

Summer = eating anything anytime outside! This girl kills me with her cuteness!

No matter where we head she insists on taking a few things outside! She is mastering the walk and drink at the same time! And her little Minnie phone that she insists on pushing the buttons 45610 times!

Happy hump day!

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