Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fairy Magic

Today I took Adie to a Fairy Tour Party and it is seriously the sweetest thing ever! It was the cutest spending the afternoon with my little babes at Perennial Gardens and discovering a little magic! Adie was that girl who touched everything even though there were signs that said not to! So half of the time I was telling Adie to either put that back or no. no. no. don't touch that! Needless to say I think she LOVED it! She was totally all about the wings, the fairies, the fairy dust and even that awesome ice cream! She was running from one little house to the next and making sure she left her marks everywhere! I couldn't get over how adorable every little detail was! Completely magical!

Like fairy dust gleams on butterfly wings, little girls dreams are made of magical things!

Tinkerbell sure captured Adie's heart along with the other Fairies, she followed them around and threw fairy dust high in the sky! Glitter sure makes her giggle! After we talked to the Fairies we went to see where they lived and it is a must! So stinking cute!!! Had some really good ice cream, actually frozen yogurt but it's all the same when you add crunched oreos on top! Face painting, story time and making paper dolls was there for you to indulge in while enjoying the most beautiful little garden ever!

We made our way through the garden and a few more get off of that and come here's that ended in a melt down! So I am sure we scared all of the fairies other moms and daughters! But I sure think this will be a yearly thing to take Adie to and let her imagination run wild! The best part is all of the proceeds went to the cutest little family I follow on Instagram [@pinkparlordesigns] and bought Adie's tent here from! They are ready to adopt another baby and hopefully our chaotic visit helped just a little! I love things like this that totally give back and was cute all at the same time!!! 

Cheers to kicking off the weekend the minute Adie goes to bed!


  1. This is the cutest thing ever!, My addie and I will have to check this out! thanks for sharing!
    xo Rachel

    1. You totally have to check it out, she absolutely loved it! xoxo

  2. That is darling, and looks like so much fun!! I love those fairy houses! My son and I made a 'gnome' garden (ideas from Pinterest), complete with house & accessories. Have you made a fairy house with Adie? Great photos, she looks like a little fairy princess herself!! :) Cute post...

    1. Patti, that is such a good idea, she would just LOVE that! She was obsessed with everything there! How fun!!! :) xoxo