Monday, May 19, 2014


We have been on an ice cream kick for the past few days and Adie is obsessed and learning to master the ice cream cone! She literally makes me laugh out loud watching her eat her little scoops of ice cream! I have been crushing on ice cream since I spotted the little 'don't forget the sprinkles' tee for her from Peek Kids and had to scoop up the cutest list of our favorite flavors! Ice cream reminds me of summer, parties and now my little Adie babes! She has number five and it really is stinking darling as ever! And I think I need 100 keep calm and eat ice cream shirts to wear all summer long!!! 

You know, all that really maters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. 
Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae. - Paul Walker

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When I went to Peek Kids to pick up Adie's new little summer outfit the author of some of mine and Adie's favorite books was there and she is stinking so fun! Jennifer Adams really knows how to capture her imagination and I love it! We have this one and I bought this one while we were there and she signed it for our little bookworm and will for sure be a forever fan! I am loving these new shorts! The colors are perfect for pretty much all of Adie's tees already and we will never run out of options this summer! Perfect for tanks and all of our summer fun-ness about to go down! :) 

After our morning of reading, making sure the birdies had food and our usual walk around the backyard we hit up McDonald's for the smallest littlest ice cream cone ever! She insisted on setting it on the ground and letting it melt before she actually began eating her ice cream cone! We saw a little caterpillar and she screamed, ran as fast as she could with her little soda pop away from it, then came back for a close up look and still wanted nothing to do with it! Kills me! I have learned to embrace the sticky mess because it's nothing a bath can't fix and it's sure sweet and funny watching her! 

Happy Tuesday Guys!!!

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