Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cinco De Mayo

Monday + Adie + Tacos = Fiesta! Adie helped me finish some last minute shopping and was obsessed with this kitty Mother's Day card that we almost had to buy, which they have the cutest utensils ever right now at Target! We had such a fun dinner with family and friends! I seriously need to throw more dinner parties, so much fun! In honor of our love of chips and salsa we had everyone bring a favorite salsa to share. We ended up with pineapple salsa, guacamole, the original style salsa and of course pico de gayo! So we will be putting it on everything minus the quac [which every time I say that now I say it just like Gru in Despicale Me 2]. 

I printed a few banners from The 36th Avenue and A Fabulous Fete to create the perfect mini Fiesta! Listened to iTunes Radio which totally had a Cinco de Mayo fiesta station and got ready while Adie was napping! I just glued them to our favorite paper straws and a few toothpicks to stick in anything that needed a little color! :) The fastest and easiest way ever to liven up any party! I added a sugar rim to our freshly made Country Time Lemonade and added a lime for zest for our amigos to sip on while they ate the best chicken tacos ever!

Chicken Tacos: Easy! I threw in a few boneless chicken breast with chicken broth and some of our Mexican Fajita seasoning! Which Adie totally picked out one day at the grocery store and I couldn't get it away from her so we bought it! I should totally let her do the shopping! I cooked it on high for a couple of hours and it turned out perfect! I have been getting tortillas from Cafe Rio since I haven't found any that remind me of Arizona! Real tortillas leave a little dust on your fingers [you know what I am talking about, not the waxy flour tortillas either]. Chopped a little cabbage and lettuce with onions to make them colorful and crunchy! 

Hope you guys had a fiesta like there was no manana! I plan on just hanging out with my girl today and catching up on snuggles and kisses! Just love her stinking so much!

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