Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wish List T-Shirt Style

It is so good to be home and even better spending the weekend back home. Adie had the best time and she is by far the best little traveler ever! If you are ever in Tucson, Arizona it is a must to go to Old Tucson, they film movies there and we ate at the best little Mexican restaurant [Blanco Tacos + Tequila] with such a fun atmosphere, plus it was at La Encantada ... some awesome shopping! We spent time with lots of family, picked up a thousand rocks, splashed in mud puddles, and got kissed by the desert sun!

Adie literally owned the airport with her little sassy style and her stinking cute bag! I can't get enough of her ever! Traveling with a toddler is so much easier on a plane! Bring enough snacks and a phone full of movies and you'd never know we were high in the sky getting to our mini vacation! I already miss the sunshine [it's thundering right now] and my family! Just being together is the total best! 

I'm going to be an Auntie again!!! :)

Nothing looks cuter on Adie than a simple cute tee and some crazy leggings! I love everything about a comfy tee and there are so many out right now! Spring brings the best tees and I found a few that we totally need! The Spring air brings short sleeves and stinking cute prints for my little Adie babes! I am dying over number three and how we totally need it! I can totally see it paired with this skirt and these leggings! Stinking so cute!

1. Take me somewhere fun! Um yeah!!! So stinking cute! GAP Kids
2. I love this rainy umbrella, perfect for our Spring right now! Nordstrom
3. I am loving this tee so much! I love the colors, the glitter and the hot air balloon! ALL PERFECT!!! J.Crew
4. Simple with a pocket is a must for any closet! GAP Kids
5. This tee is perfect for Easter time! Little bunny with bunny ears, totally doing it! GAP Kids
6. Don't forget to play! Cute!!! Love the little bicycle and paired with these total cuteness! GAP Kids
7. I have loved this tee since I first saw it! So it's a total buy! Peek Kids
8. One planet one love! I totally love this to pieces! J.Crew
9. My Adie is totally always mostly happy as a lark so this is perfect! Peek Kids
10. This tee is perfect for Earth Day! This outfit is perfect for being outside and planting trees! Peek Kids
11. SUNSHINE! We can never get enough! J.Crew
12. Our flamingo crush makes this tee a must buy! So stinking cute! Nordstrom

I have been living in tees and leggings since most of my time is spent at home! The comfiest and softest leggings ever I get from a little boutique The Sweetest Thingz and really any tee goes with them. I usually stick with a basic color since I pick the craziest colors of leggings I can find! Outfit paired perfect with my new converse and can't wait till I can live in my birkenstocks! 

Baseball TeeSailor-Stripe Tee

Happy comfy day!

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