Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wish List Pastel Style

Our weekend was long and too short at the same time, Adie has been so off her schedule and she obviously doesn't need the beauty sleep like I do! Its funny because we will go in and get her after she's cried long enough for me to give in and she snuggles for a bit then all she wants to do is play! So number three is a perfect tank for her even at three o'clock in the am. I can't blame her though, I think she has chicken pox [according to my memory of having them and Google] She broke her fever after the late night early morning party Saturday and is actually eating more besides guzzling apple juice. I think because of her healthy track record they aren't severe which makes this Mama a little more happy and a little less heart broken!

But on a more fun shopping note, I am swooning over all of the pastels right now! Adie has been getting sun-kissed a little every day when she plays outside so these colors will look stinking so cute on her! These must-haves remind me of summer and all the fun she will have this year! Number fourteen is the most perfect pair of shorts ever!!! They look completely comfortable and totally movable for a toddler who is always, always on the go! Number two. three. five. and nine would be the cutest ever outfit, so much that I think we need to go shopping this week and start working on her summer wardrobe!

1. Anything beach is a must and this summer we want to be bums! GAP Kids
2. I am swooning over this vest! Perfect for any outfit this summer! GAP Kids
3. All we do is PLAY so this tank is just perfect!!! So fun! GAP Kids
4. I love the flower on this bracelet and I know Adie would just die! J.Crew
5. These are so adorable and summer cannot come quick enough! GAP Kids
6. Just love the polka dots and this dress would be perfect for Mommy-Daughter dates!! GAP Kids
7. The color of these short-alls make them that much cuter! Just love! GAP Kids
8. This is so the life spending it with my Adie babes!!! GAP Kids
9. The fact that these are cropped makes them a stinking must! GAP Kids
10. I am loving tanks right now and this one is no exception! GAP Kids
11. DYING over these sunnies and the fact that they are round and adorable!!! J.Crew
12. Love these pink shorts and the shimmer dots! Perfect to pair with number eight! J.Crew
13. This is a boys belt but does it really matter, not when it's this cute! J.Crew
14. These shorts are my favorite ever!!! So fun and number ten would be a perfect match! GAP Kids
15. Our style crush [see more here] flamingos are the funnest!!! GAP Kids

I have not only wished for this pink must have workout bag and this perfect swimsuit but it is now on its way to me! I had to use my secret rewards card and I cannot wait until it gets here. I told Eric I am now two steps closer to working out :) one with this water bottle and now two with my new bag! You have to have all the equipment, right!? It's perfect for yoga which I have high hopes in doing!!! I love everything about this one piece suit, perfectly paired with my black berkinstocks and now I will be on the hunt for a fun kimono to wear with it! Summer, we're just about ready!!! :)

hobo gym bagcolorblock one-piece

Adie absolutely loves her new camera in pink! [you can find it here] She is so fun to watch trying to take pictures! She completely fills my heart with joy and I just know it only gets better! Every day with her is priceless! And if you didn't see it on my Instagram [you can follow me and Adie @5472rocks :)] you've seen it here! I love my Rad & Happy tee to death! I will be for sure ordering the black one!!! Don't mind the selfie and Adie of course with her shopping cart but the t-shirts are so comfy and totally describes most of our days!

Happy Monday! Here's to more sleep, thirstbusters and Adie babes being happy!

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