Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What My Daughter Taught Me

Having a daughter changed my life in ways I never knew it would! I will never ever be able to say enough I love you's or express enough how much I love my sweet Adie and how much her Daddy and I wanted her! Every day is a complete blessing especially since we spend our days together and I get to see her sweet, giggly, attitudes self. I was completely thrilled when we found out Baby Anderson was going to be a girl and nothing has changed! I just cannot believe we will be celebrating her second birthday the end of June!

Adie has been such the perfect little baby and is growing into the funnest chick around! She giggles and laughs with her whole belly and has the cutest dimples ever. I have never seen a girl who loves to be outside every minute and then wants to run around in my girly shoes! It is so incredible experiencing life again through her sparkly eyes! She gets so excited over the littlest things we take for granted. She is forever learning and is teaching me things I never really thought about!

I am a complete OCD, has to be my way kind of girl. I even put the groceries away a certain way [If you've seen Sleeping with the Enemy, you know exactly what I mean]. So when it comes to decorating and making our house a home, of course it's a my way type of style :). I bought the cutest pineapple candle holder and had it shipped from the Las Vegas Tommy Bahama store and have loved it ever since! We have been putting anything we can find in our favorite glass jars and keeping them on the counter for quick snack breaks [cheerios for Adie, peanut M&Ms for me] and as usual Adie loves walking around on the counters and opening up every cupboard.

She got into the cheerios jar and took the lid off and hit the only pineapple I love and I said "Adie, look you just broke that"! She just kept putting her little hands in the cheerios and grabbing handfuls as I cleaned up the glass and let her go play. When I was cleaning up the mess and putting things back the Lisa way I thought to myself, I will never ever be able to replace the way I make my Daughter feel, but I can always replace something that broke!

I haven't been able to get that out of my head with every Adie-tude, broken whatever or sassy pants melt down. I would never want my little girl to be afraid of me if she made a mistake or did something on accident. My heart would be forever broken. Adie is still learning all about life and what to do and what to be careful with! I can totally deal with that and am thankful I am the one who gets to teach her all about everything! I will always try to remember she is just my sweet little girl who is learning things I already know.

I just love my Adie babes!

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