Friday, April 11, 2014

Waffle Love + Giveaway Winner

If you live in Utah or ever happen to stop by you have to find this truck! [They have a truck in Arizona too] We like to make breakfasts a little more memorable and festive since Eric goes to work later in the day and it's usually me and Adie babes for dinner time. I have seen this truck through out my Instagram [@5472rocks] and have always wondered what these waffles had against mine :) Today this truck was close to home so we went for it!

Waffle Love was born on a cold winter day when a tired banker took a small break and had his first bite of an authentic liege waffle. It was moist. It was crispy. It was amazing. He took another bite. and another and another. And for a small time, he forgot about the rat race and remembered his dream. For a moment, all the quotas and paperwork disappeared and he could imagine himself with a French mustache making amazing food and sharing it with people.

It was the perfect morning to try these must have waffles, I will always hunt this truck down! They have a punch card too which is so fun! Just like they promise, crisp, moist and delicious! That whipped cream is to die for! We sat on the grass and ate our waffles and watched Adie run around and dance! She came running by and stomped on her plate flinging the entire banana, whipped cream delicious waffle in the air and of course landed in the grass! So we got it off her sneakers and she danced around some more and came back for another shoe squish right on top of my whipped cream half eaten waffle! 

So we finished breakfast a little early and made our way for Dr. Pepper and apple juice and headed back home! :) She is filled with energy all of the time so we took or usual walk around the yard, throwing rocks in the pond and trying to splash in the puddles! We tried bubbles this afternoon and she loved them so much she dumped the entire bottle on the ground and began to splash in the bubbled puddle! This girl of mine!!!

Happy Friday and hope you guys have a fun weekend and eat waffles!!!

Our winner for the Peek Kids bunny and $25 Visa gift card is


[Congrats lady and email so we can send this out right away!]

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