Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Dress: GAP Kids [old from our Thanksgiving Day Style] Jeans: Old Navy [old similar here] Peekaboos: Lil' Raskals

Today we laughed, we cried, we cried again and we bought a couple pair of Freshly Picked moccasins from their warehouse sale last night! Hopefully Adie will love them as much as I do, she freaked out when we tried them on her and then she loved the black pair ... it's been one of those afternoons! A little retail therapy does wonders!!! The best thing about buying Adie dresses is when she outgrows the length you can totally pair it with jeans like we do or leggings and you have a completely different and cute look which she totally rocks! Another dress and jeans style here that I completely love! Not only do I love her little peekaboo shoes, she has been obsessed with them, she will literally put them on herself with just her diaper and continue throwing the puzzle on the floor for the 1,264,456 time, dance to Princess Sofia and guzzle down a gallon of apple juice. Here's hoping for a less teary eyed day and more laughs and giggles! I plan on taking Adie to get ice cream, so worth the mess just like our trip to Arizona [you can see it here] and some online shopping to snag this baby for the summer!!! :)

Happy finally HUMP DAY! 

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