Thursday, April 3, 2014

Favorite Bunnies

April is here which means Easter is just around the corner and I am thrilled! I have been swooning over all of the Easter stuff at Target and cannot wait to get Adie's basket must haves! I have gotten her a few things already but need to get the cute glittery eggs and a fun book! I am dying over all of the bunnies out there! So I picked out a few of our favorite little bunnies to keep April a bit more festive and fun!

I got Adie this little bunny from Peek Kids last year and she fell in love with it from the minute she ripped it out of her little basket! The softest thing ever! Who doesn't need a matching purse to keep all of your treasure and chap-stick [she is obsessed right now, she even makes sure monkey gets soft lips]. I came across these slippers and immediately fell in love, the girliest bunny slippers ever and I am dying!!! I love the simple black and white leggings because any bright spring shirt will match perfectly! GAP Kids always have the cutest things for dressing up your littles for any occasion! This dress would be perfect for any Easter egg hunt! Which I am so excited to watch her put everything she finds in her basket [including rocks].

Fuddlewuddle Bunny | Cross Body Bag with Ears Bunny Slippers | 
Tuxedo Bunny Leggings | Bunny Dress | Bunny Ears | Sleepy Bunny Hair Pin 

I bought Adie the bunny ears a couple weeks ago and she didn't want to take them off! She giggles when she has them on and totally acts like she was meant to have floppy ears! I have a total shopping crush on PBK's and their stinking cute everything! 

Happy almost TGIF!

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