Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Treats + Sales Event

Nothing for me makes anything more festive than food! I love making food match our fun-ness :) I can never get the popcorn to look as good as Two Peas & Their Pod did but I love it and it would be perfect for our glass jars kept on the counters to add a little Spring color! Those pancakes kill me and if church didn't start at nine o'clock they would be three plates with bunny tushies as The Chick n' the Coop says! I made snack time a little more exciting for Adie and put all of her favorites in little plastic eggs and took the party outside! You can see more here and the many faces of the little girl I call mine!

We made peep s'mores today and hid a few eggs so Adie gets the hang of it for Sunday and she totally gets it! Snaps them open instantly to see what is inside and then on to the next egg. :) I just put the peeps in the microwave for 10-20 seconds and squished them the original way to get a colorful Easter s'more which Adie insisted having one in each hand with a little chocolate on her face! She even shares, which peeps aren't my favorite but they turned out totally delicious!

These little bunny cones filled with fruit loops are stinking cute and I think I'll have to make one for Adie's place at the dinner table! How cute, she would love it completely filled with little Easter goodies like this ring and a few of these bracelets [which Adie loves putting mine on] and a couple eggs filled with treats! Totally doing it! It's the little touches that make anything fun and totally worth it when you get Adie's excitement out of it!

We love a good sale and right now J.Crew has their sales event going right now for some of their select Spring styles. Thirty percent off until April 20th just enter *BIGSALE at checkout! [online only] So I gathered a few things we'd love to get on sale and into Adie's closet! :) I love love number eleven and the fact summer is on its way, they are exactly what we need! A few of these have been on our wish lists and now is the perfect time to snag them and start getting dressed for all those memories about to happen!

one | two | three | four | five | 6 | seven | eight | nine | ten | 11 | twelve

Just love being outside when the weather is sunny and the blossoms are everywhere! Today was a morning well spent outside! Adie woke up earlier than usual and that means we had our cinnamon rolls picnic style outside and stayed out for a good four hours! Puddles which turned into drenched Adie with smiles and giggles! Eric pulling me and Adie around the yard in her wagon [she insisted I sit with her, I will not complain :)]. Checking out every rock we come to and then chucking it in whatever direction she lets go! We're just about ready for the weekend with Daddy and lots of family doing fun stuff!

Another day closer to our weekend ... hope you guys have fun Easter plans!

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