Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Style for Me + Her

We never need an excuse to by a new dress but since Easter is this weekend it's a must! I love everything about Spring and the colors of light pinks and floral anything. I am loving these bows from Charlie Coco's, the fabric is so unique and those bright pink shoes are to die for! I fell in love with these butterfly earrings from Kate Spade and Nordstrom never lets us down, ever. Our outfits will totally make a picture perfect photo if I can just get Adie to look at the camera. :) 

I love that some of Adie's dresses still fit and styled with a pair of jeans she can wear them even longer! I loved everything about this dress from Janie and Jack that I hope she never grows out of it! Polka dots are a total favorite and I love that the sneakers totally work! I will always be a fan of converse for Adie. They can be worn with anything and are completely affordable! She has been killing me how she drags monkey around with her everywhere! She will even run and go get him out f her crib to play outside! Really the cutest ever. One day she will just die when we show her monkey and how they used to go everywhere together! Another reason I love this blog, so one day Adie will get to see her life all in one place! 

Another day, another thirstbuster and a day full of giggles from my girl! 


  1. I think that is so cute!! My little boy has a bear, and its the same as with your daughter...he takes it EVERYWHERE! The bear looks like he's seen better days, but he is loved. Looks like Monkey is loved too :)

    1. So stinking cute! I like "loved" monkey is so loved! The love of children is priceless! xoxo