Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Snacks Outside

This week so far has been so fun with Adie, getting ready for Easter Sunday! I love doing anything outside with her so we took snack time in the backyard! I set up her little table with Easter fun-ness while she was napping so she could be surprised when she woke up! She was thrilled and giggly the entire time! Just stinking love her excitement so much! Before you scroll through just know there is a ton of pictures :) like always I cannot help but take a bagillion pictures! And nothing makes a snack party better than balloons and we still have this one from just about a month ago! I keep it in her room tied to her little chair, it's like a surprise every time she wakes up!

 I have been loving our egg crate from Anthrpologie you can find here. I have been swooning on everything from that store and can't wait to make our way back to shop! Perfect for those breakfast mornings and little toddler snacks! :) I put all of Adie's favorites in each little egg and let her pick and choose all afternoon! Nothing brings festive fun-ness like those plastic eggs! Adie has been obsessed with them, puts them in the little egg carton and then snaps them open and throws them in a bowl to mix! Then throws it all in the air! Typical, right?! :)

Her love for Monkey kills me! She cannot do anything without him, so this is no different! I just love her little heart so full of happy love! Her kisses melt your heart and with every pinch of the cheeks cracks a smile to brighten any day! So we sat and pointed out and ooooohh'd at the helicopter, giggled and squeezed monkey, and ate too many peanut M&Ms! Best snack ever! The many faces of this girl cracks us up! She is so expressive and it shows her little personality so much! 
The mind of a toddler ... genius!

I have been working on this self timer but never seem to get the focus right! But we still captured the fun! We cannot wait for Easter and all of the hunting! I got a few of her little goodies in the mail and died over our Twig Creative Camera! Her imagination will run wild with that camera and I can't wait to capture it! Today we'll pick up Daddy's stuff and get the pretties we still need for our outfits and count down the time till he gets home! [or just I do ;)] Happy middle of the week fun and tell us what you've got in your baskets! Love finding new and cute stuff we want need have to have!!! :)