Monday, April 28, 2014

Birthday Plans

 I have been so excited planning Adie's second birthday! I cannot believe in 62 days. 10 hours. 18 minutes. and 38 seconds we will be celebrating our sweet girl's birthday! I love celebrating birthdays and cannot wait until her big day is here! I will probably bawl though, she is growing up so fast that sometimes I can't handle it! :) We are celebrating her birthday with a mermaid pool party! She loves anything water [as you probably have seen] and right now she loves the Little Mermaid so it couldn't be more perfect! A little birthday hat is a must and I am dying over this little J.Crew swimsuit with the Freshly Picked moccasins which I plan on snapping a few pictures to send out with her invitations!
follow Adie's 2nd Birthday Party for more inspiration
Her first birthday [you can see more here] was so fun and Minnie Mouse inspired! She didn't want to touch her cake, she cried when we helped her. She ran all over the place and was so cute opening her presents. She even showed everyone her new bracelet from her Uncle Keith! :) seriously heart melting! Last year we got her, her little chair and umbrella and I think this year it will be her tee-pee [hopefully I can create the perfect one] and Eric wants to get her a motorized little car! I think she will love her little tee-pee, she always hides under blankets and loves the forts Daddy builds her so I will totally make it perfect for Adie! I have already gotten a few birthday gifts for her ... a mermaid dolly and the cutest bracelet with a mermaid charm!!! Seriously the funnest ever and maybe a bit emotional planning my sweet daughter's birthday!

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