Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wish List Shoe Style

It's Monday, the week we're headed down to Arizona to see family and be kissed by the eighty degree sun! I am so excited to get back to palm trees, eegee's, hot steering wheels and where thirstbusters originated from to laugh with family and make memories that will last forever! The weekends seriously go by so fast which makes the weeks go faster and my Adie gets older and of course cuter! :) This Spring weather had us outside most of the weekend, a little Spring cleaning got done and Me & Adie had to put out a few Easter decorations. Makes everything look a lot brighter and more festive! 

Adie has been OBSESSED [total understatement] with my shoes and even Eric's. She walks around the house with my wedges on and giggles the entire time. She brings a different pair to help me with the laundry, just carries them. I even found a pair in her shopping cart along with a few bottles of nail polish and Eric's keys. I love her little imagination and how stinking cute she is!

"The fact is, sometimes its hard to walk in a single women's shoes. That's why we need really specials ones now and then 
- to make the walk a little more fun." Carrie Bradshaw, STC

1. The shoes scream YACHT which yells BEACH to me and are the best color combo ever! J.Crew
2. I am dying over these Dr. Martens, I have loved Adie's pink ones and these would be no different! Nordstrom
3. Um, Hel-lo! I love the bow in the back of these slip-ons. Perfect Easter shoes!!!! J.Crew
4. I bought similar ones for Adie last year and they were perfect, so another summer, another pair! J.Crew
6. Birkenstocks for Adie, how stinking cute! The touch of pink I love. Nordstrom
7. I just can't get enough of these jelly sandals. I want them in every color! GAP Kids
8. Cutest sneakers EVER! J.Crew
9. These sandals are totally trendy and Adie could so rock them! J.Crew
10. I love how simple these surfer sandals are and that blue is perfect! J.Crew
11. I love my pair and Adie needs a few for the summer. Yellow would be fun! Converse
12. Loving everything about these! The floral, the velcro, perfect for my toddler babes! Nordstrom

I always love a perfect wedge! Sandals are the next best thing! Growing up in Arizona you pretty much live in open toe anything! Perfect excuse for pedicures, which I hardly ever get, totally need to work on that. Can't wait until Me & Adie can go get them for a Mommy-Daughter date! Love having a girl ;) seriously so fun! I came across YS on Instagram and have been wanting a pair ever since! They look incredibly comfortable and there a tons of fun prints to choose from! The perfect flat!

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." Marilyn Monroe


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