Monday, March 10, 2014

Wish List Rainy Day Style

The weekends never stick around long enough! But we do have some puddles lingering around that Adie has been obsessed with since we've been getting rain. I think I might have to get her ugg boots dry cleaned ... they were drenched with wet mud but how can you not let her play! I am so excited for April Showers which might be coming early for us so I thought a rainy day wish list would be perfect! That way Adie can seriously play all she wants in the puddles and splash in the rain!

1. I love everything about this rain coat and Adie could rock this in the rain! GAP Kids
2. I am literally dying over this umbrella and we totally need this. Amazon
3. Polka dots + leggings = MUST HAVE!!! GAP Kids
4. Since number three are so stinking cute we need them in pink too! GAP Kids
5. These pants just screamed Spring to me and would be way cute with yellow number eight! J.Crew
6. I am loving all of the floral and cannot wait until the trees get blossoms!!! GAP Kids
7. Knee high socks peeking out of rain boots are so cute and I love everything about these stripes! Nordstrom
8. WE NEED THESE! I love the light pink boots to death!!! Nordstrom
9. I love the fact that these are more like a boot which goes cute with leggings!!! Pinterest
10. This dress needs to happen in my size too! I love the color combo! J.Crew
11. More floral and I like it! This dress looks perfect for Spring and rain boots! J.Crew
12. This light colored jacket is amazing! Totally can work with any outfit or dress!! GAP Kids

I love this rain coat and I think I will totally have to match Adie and get this dress and rock these boots! Makes me ready for Spring and the rain and dancing in it with my Adie babes! So fun, I need a personal photographer to capture all of these fun moments, selfies don't capture everything :) I think a Mother's Day photo-shoot will have to be a must!!! I freaking love being a Mommy! Makes my heart so happy!

dress | boots
Days like today I love Mondays. Adie loves coloring and not a better way to than on her cute little table with all of the must haves! By far one of my favorite cups for Adie is this mason jar from Pottery Barn Kids! I think it is unavailable online but for sure in stores and they have the cutest straws to go with! Adie has become quite the water snob and is drinking nothing but bottled water and to keep her from not wanting chocolate milk and lemonade twenty-four-seven I added a few cute palm tree ice cubes to keep it colorful! Nothing is cuter than her crossing her legs like a total lady! LOVE HER! 

table | mason jar toddler style | owl pencil cup | finger crayons
Here's to a great week, we're booked all week for fun and I can't wait to surprise Adie tomorrow and take her to the Tracy Aviary and look at all the birdies and make sure we go on the merry-go-round! Fingers crossed she likes them now! 

Happy Monday for another 10 minutes :)

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