Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wish List Comfy Style

Another fun sunny weekend has come and gone and we're back to the daily run-around, coloring, attitudes, naps and giggles. I am loving everything on our list this week, it all looks so comfy and perfect for our trip we have planned in a couple weeks to Arizona. I will get to celebrate my Dad's birthday with him for the first time in almost seven years and Adie too :) SO EXCITED! We always do a big family whatever month it is birthday celebration and for the camo themed March birthdays I ordered the cutest camo tee for Adie and cannot wait to celebrate with family and take a billion pictures of her with all of her cousins!!! 

1. Adie literally loves Elephants and I do not know why but she would love this tee! J.Crew
2. I cannot stop thinking about summer and the beach and this rash guard tee is perfect! J.Crew
3. I love everything about this perfect pink shirt! The embroidery on the front is amazing! J.Crew
4. I am loving Adie's tank I got awhile ago and this one is no different! Need them in every color! GAP Kids
5. Another rash guard and with sailboats, seriously DYING and dying to get to the beach! J.Crew
6. This dress would be perfect for our trip to the zoo in a couple weeks! Love all of the animals on it! J.Crew
7. I loved Adie in blue this weekend and this sweater is so perfect! Totally looks beachy to me! J.Crew
8. When I saw this tee I knew we will have to get it! So stinking fun for summer! J.Crew
9. I think J.Crew totally has it going on right now, DRAGONFLIES. Need we say more. J.Crew
10. This baseball tee is perfect for Spring and would be adorable paired with leggings and a cute ball hat! J.Crew
11. These look incredibly comfy and I want a pair! Perfect for our plane ride to Arizona in a couple weeks! GAP Kids
12. I bought Adie a pair of sandals this weekend and now that's all I want to get her! The color on these, LOVE! J.Crew

I love J.Crew and their collection Crewcuts for Adie! I always just die and am instantly overwhelmed with cuteness every time I walk in their store. I found this must must must have glitterologist tee on sale and it's glittery! [of course]. Shopping for Adie is seriously never ending because everything is so much cuter in the girl department and it's always that much cuter in Adie's size!!! This Pome Blossom Skirt from Anthropologie is on my wish list and this tee sums up most of the days during the week and maybe a weekend or two. Totally fun!

I am so excited for what I have planned for Adie this week! Tomorrow she is having a fun St. Patricks Day play date and I cannot wait for everything green and giggles all day! Then I have the best idea to welcome SPRING!!! She will love it and I will be sure to share with you guys :) because I am taking a ton of pictures! Then before you know it, it will be the weekend again and then we'll be in Arizona mode and counting down the days and naps until we board the plane and welcome warmer weather! I swear time goes by so fast and I want to make every stinking day as special as I can because I am so lucky I get to spend them with my Adie babes! [and my Hubby too]. 

Here's to another fun week and Spring is finally a few days away!!! Happy Days!

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