Friday, March 21, 2014

Style Crush | Donuts

I have always loved donuts and glazed are my favorite ever. The magic is in the hole, love little munchkins, you can put the entire thing in your mouth! [the magic part]. I am a huge fan of the pink frosted glazed donuts sprinkled of course! Everyone has their favorites which makes this crush perfect! I have been dying over the donut craze and totally excited we're finally getting Dunkin' Donuts like a quick car ride and thirstbuster away! 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

I keep seeing number five in my Instagram [@5472rocks, follow us, it's totally fun] feed and am totally dying! I can see Adie twirling and be cute as ever in it! I think we just might have to get it and this two. tee for her birthday! I have seen so many cute ideas on Pinterest to have donuts for birthday mornings and I so want to start this with her. Which speaking of birthdays three months and a couple weeks away we will be wishing our Adie babes a Happy 2nd Birthday!!! I cannot wait ... but I can ;)

Today we picked up the stinking cute dish towels [number nine] and some donut lip-gloss [number ten] which Adie feeds them to monkey! I haven't quite shown her the lip-gloss part because I know that will be a hot mess so we'll stick to the sticky fingers from eating donuts. We can never pass up a good book or hair pretties! I love everything about number two, donut + glitter = LOVE! A few things for Mamas too! 

Adie was so funny picking out donuts, every time the lady pulled the rack out to box up our favorites she would totally get pissed. But we got our dozen glazed, sugared and sprinkled donuts home and she holds the donuts so funny! One hand on each side of the donut and takes her little bites and picks off some of the sprinkles and giggles. LOVE HER! I found such an easy recipe, it looks easy anyway, on Pinterest and will give it a try for her birthday! Maybe make a cute bunting banner and add a sparkler candle, I cannot wait to see her face light up!

Happy TGIF! 


  1. I've been obsessed with donuts lately too, and just picked up those same tea towels today. What an adorable list! Happy Friday!

    1. I know, who doesn't love donuts! I am loving our tea towels! xoxo