Friday, March 7, 2014


The other day I got a few hours off because Adie went to play with Grandma and I planned on staying home getting a few things done. Eric quickly told me that cleaning wasn't a day off and sent me out shopping! He told me to buy something that doesn't sit on the counter and look cute but to buy something for myself. So I did just that. I can never go anywhere and not look at things for Adie and right now again Peek Kids is killing me with their cuteness. GAP Kids had a fun sale and I couldn't resist! [like always]. Banana Republic, same thing SALE! So I thought I would share what I fell in love with at the mall and brought home.

I have been wanting some Birkenstock sandals for awhile now and I have serious Spring Fever bad now! I have been wearing them around the house and they have become my new favorite sandal ever! Extremely comfy!!! I would have never ever thought I would own a pair or converse either! But I follow a few fashion blogs and they pair the sneakers with the cutest outfits and I always find myself not finding the right shoe with some of my own and now I look no further, well maybe in another color :) The new fragrance from VS is the best ever, I love the original Bombshell but this one is so girly and perfect for Spring! 

Adie always has the best time when she is with her cute cousins. She squeals when she sees them and instantly starts playing and giggling! I found myself constantly looking at the clock after shopping, eating Taco Bell and catching up on Modern Family, for the time to go pick up my girl, life really is different having kids toddlers. It's the best picking her up too because she runs to me and hugs me tight, melts my heart completely!! It was so incredibly perfect having a little me time and not chasing Adie around at the mall picking up everything she insisted on throwing on the floor. It's exactly what this Mama needed and I think I could get used to a couple hours off during the week to recharge me and be my happiest self with Adie and Eric :) I think next time ... a chick flick! 

Here's to a HAPPY weekend!

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