Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We are currently crushing on flamingos - their beautiful shades of pink feathers, those long skinny, delicate legs and their ability to make a large crowd look fun! They seem to be loved by so many that we are seeing them pop up more and more in home and even fashion. There is something so vibrant about flamingo prints and decor items - it's an instant mood-lifter and reminds us of warm summer days ahead! Can't wait! Here are some of our favorite flamingo-inspired items. Eric even likes the pink flamingo pillow, I think that's approval for buy it!

Adie is all about books and these two I have on our list are stinking adorable. I will be for sure adding these to her library!!! I think what I love most about this collection is the color, seems pink flamingos always goes with an aqua blue color that I love so much! Pretty pastels will sure keep her wardrobe bright and fun! Loving the swimsuit and pullover so much that it'll make a cute statement when we head to the beach this summer! Adding a few flamingo prints would add only sunshine to any room!

Today is another day closer to Friday, which means Saturday = Daddy Day. Adie has been waking up earlier all week and I am getting used to 7:30 am with a thirstbuster (lots of Dr. Pepper!). Lately she is being sassy as ever and I don't think she quite gets it yet, I'm not going any where :) I'm sticking around! I am hoping it's those terrible twos coming early and when she actually turns it this June she'll be my little angel babe again! She tornadoes through the house which means every cupboard, entire toy basket and whatever else she can sneak into is on the floor and then breaks down for reasons I do not know. Then she is her giggly self again! I guess she takes after me ;) 

Happy Hump Day!

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