Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Birdies and Puddles


Cable Knit Sweater: GAP Kids | Leopard Super Skinny Jeans: GAP Kids | Printed Bow Headband: GAP Kids 
[sold out. similar polka dot one here] | Hair Bow: Icing | Miranda Flats: Nordstrom 

Seriously such a fun day! If you ever happen to be in Utah this Aviary is so fun! Adie stinking loved every minute of it besides when I made her leave the puddles. SHE IS OBSESSED! I need everything from our wish list so I can let her play in them all day and not worry about wet feet and soaked pants! Monkey even made it in the puddle and kicked around in the grass, totally a love hate relationship! I kept telling her we're going to go see birdies and they go "cheap cheap" and she would just laugh and from the moment we got there she was running from bird to bird! [a few detours too]. 

This outfit had me the moment I walked into GAP Kids. The best part if you are a card holder is the DEALS!!! You cannot walk away without wanting something and I will be on the hunt for some camouflage pants for little miss. I love everything about this sweater and the fact that it was warm enough for the cloudy almost Spring weather. I will never be able to get over these leopard jeans. Stinking adorable! 

Tonight was Mama's first night having a babysitter besides Grandpas and Grandmas and I think Adie we made it through the couple hours apart. It really is so different not wrestling a wild animal at a restaurant or chasing her down the aisle at Target, you actually get to eat but I totally missed her. Love her guts!

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