Monday, February 3, 2014

Wish List Love Style

I love everything about this year's colors for Valentine's Day! Not to mention makes me want to do some serious shopping! These colors work perfect for Spring too that I am so anxiously waiting for! I am literally dying over number eight! Those sneakers are the best thing that has happened to girl's shoes! I am so ready for Spring to get here and to somehow get these in Adie's closet :) 

1. Love this gold lips tee, so perfect for kisses! MUAH says it all! J.Crew
2. Cardigans are the perfect layering piece and this one will look great into Spring too! J.Crew
3. Love leggings right now on Adie, simple comfy and too cute!!! J.Crew
4. This pink polka dot heart tee is too stinking cute not to get! J.Crew
5. Adie always needs a little belt and I am dying over this one! J.Crew
6. SKIRTS!!! This one is perfect for Valentine's Day for sure! J.Crew
7. These leggings are the perfect colors for this month of love! GAP Kids
8. These sneakers are a stinking must have and I Adie needs them!!! J.Crew
9. White skinny jeans are probably not the best idea but we can dream!!! Love these! GAP Kids
10. Loving this year's color! Radiant Orchid!!! in a simple tee is even better! J.Crew
11. We always need pajamas and these are beyond adorable! Love the knee patch! J.Crew
12. You can never have enough sunnies and these are PINK! J.Crew
13. These bracelets are too darling not to get. We'll be surprising our Little Valentine with these next week! J.Crew
14. Hello Swimsuit! Love this one to death! The ruffles and the bow!!! Summer can't come soon enough! J.Crew

This would be the stinking cutest most perfect outfit for Adie for her date with Daddy for Valentine's Day! I would just take a million pictures and give her a billion kisses! So cute! I just love them both to death! A breakfast date would be so cute and you know everyone will just die seeing them! I already am!
glitter hair clips
I am loving the midi skirts at ASOS. I love the girly look and am dying to get these! They are currently sold out of my size but I have fingers crossed they will restock them and I can snag both! I always love getting a new dress or outfit for special days and these would be perfect for Valentine's Day, Easter and Mother's Day! Love everything about them!!!

white | pink
Another manic Monday minus the manic! We try not to watch a lot of television but on Mondays it's Movie Monday and Adie picked out Beauty and the Beast and squeeeeled at Belle! She is obsessed! She literally kills me with her excitement! So of course I take a few pictures and we ate lunch on the sofa watching Belle fall in love with the Beast, so fitting for February! LOVE!

Happy Monday Shopping!

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