Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wish List Eclectic Style

Monday is here again and we have so much fun planned this week! Maybe even a little shopping to snag some of these must haves off our wish list! Number five has been taunting me and I would love to get it for Adie for our beach trip this summer! Heck I would love to get all of it for our summer vacation to the beach! We have a fun giveaway planned mid-week and Valentine's Day too! So excited to make Friday as special as ever for My Guy and our Adie babes! 

1. Hi! Stinking says it all and is so cute for Spring and even maybe some of those Summer nights! J.Crew
2. I love headbands for Adie and this one is no exception, perfect for Valentine's Day! Janie and Jack [on sale]
3. Swimsuit season is no different for a toddler! I am dying over J.Crews selection this year! J.Crew
4. These shortalls are freaking so cute and Adie could totally rock them! GAP Kids
5. I seriously want this so bad for Adie! Funnest rash-guard ever!!!! Love the elephant! J.Crew
6. Another must have swimsuit that she would look cute in! I love everything about it! J.Crew
7. This tee is so vintage girly and I love it! Perfect for skirts or jeans! J.Crew
8. This skirt is a true treasure! Love the pleated look and I'm sure it's flowy which will be perfect for our little dancer! J.Crew
9. Little patches on these jeans are what caught my eye and you can never have too many pairs! GAP Kids
10. Dresses are what we need more of and this one is darling! I would totally wear one myself! GAP Kids
11. These pants are bad ass! I love. love. love. them, the end! J.Crew
12. This bag is a must for when we start taking her to tumbling in the Spring so she can keep all her cute stuff in it! J.Crew

pink bow | paris tee [old]
Every time I take Adie shopping with me at the mall she goes insane when she either sees the balloons in Nordstrom or the escalators. Needless to say we take a couple trips up and down, which she giggles and laughs the entire time! She has become quite the shopper, she holds her own little bag and even pays too! Peek Kids totally made her day too when she got a tootsie pop Valentine, and made mine a little scary when she decided to eat the entire stick after the tootsie pop was gone! The things she will learn! It really is so much fun being with her every day even more so since she has already mastered shopping. :)

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