Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Party

I am getting excited for Valentine's Day! 1. Eris has the day off [love] 2. My Ma will be here [babysitter] 3. I cannot wait to spoil Adie with LOVE all day long! [kisses] We will be for sure busy and taking a billion pictures! It's so fun making things a little more festive for Adie and seeing her excitement or mine and knowing we've made the day a little cuter! 

I have found a few cute shops to get all your party must haves! I love Sweet LuLu to pieces! Your package is a party in itself when you open it, just love! I ordered a few must haves for Adie's Birthday Party and it didn't stop us for Valentine's Day. I always keep a stash of the paper straws for the random cuteness and now you can get them pretty much anywhere, party supplies and even Michaels! I stumbled across The TomKat Studio on instagram and have become an instant fan! Her blog/shop are a must for ideas and any party! I thought I was creative!

I will be sure to get a massive amount of balloons for Adie since she is obsessed! To the point where she knows when we go to the grocery store she gets one, a win win for both of us! I've been sticking to the colors pink, teal, red and black for Valentine's Day and I think it totally works!!! I plan on making us a festive breakfast and of course through snack time! So many awesome ideas on Pinterest! One day she will look back on all of this and hopefully she will always know how much she is loved!

Today has been another windy rainy day schedule so we I worked on Spring Cleaning and listened to the two I love most giggle and dance all morning! Adie never has a dull moment with her Daddy but I really think she only has eyes for me! :) [until Daddy gets home] She is just so much fun and I can't help but just watch her be her!

Happy Party Planning and Weekend!

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