Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunshine and Hats

Printed Romper: GAP Kids sold out similar here | Straw Fedora: GAP Kids
Miranda Flats: Nordstrom | Minnie Mouse: Target

I am loving this weather! Finally SUNSHINE and being outside! Today has been a day where I thought to myself I have a toddler and cannot wait until nap time. Picked a few things up from Target and Adie stands up in the cart instead of sitting and launches her self at me and insists on pushing the cart all while taking every birthday, get well and baby card and throwing it on the floor! Found a cute pair of Easter sunnies to keep her busy in the dollar section and that lasted .0005 seconds. Followed by a melt down in the gift wrapping aisle where she spotted a Princess bag with all her favorites including Ariel and sparkled with glitter and bawled because I told her to put it back, needless to say we now have a gift bag for her birthday ... in four months! 

But there are those moments I forget all about it when I see her happy and smiling outside! She needs her sunshine and I need my Dr. Pepper so we headed out and played outside and ran all over the place with Minnie and I got my fix for the day. This weather I can get used to, gets us out of the house and we both get what we want :) 

Now the important stuff, this outfit is to die for and its an instant favorite! I totally tricked Adie into wearing her hat, they're called hot tamales, yes she is obsessed and I call her my little caliente! So she got a couple hot tamales and I got a few stinking cute pictures. Just getting her ready for the beach, and this romper is the best, super comfy and movable for my busy girl. She even put like 8 bottles of nail polish down them and an instant belly appeared so I had to dig them out and after the back and forth running around outside a little bottle of polish hit the streets and I had to laugh! So make that 9 bottles of polish! 

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