Monday, February 3, 2014

Sending Valentines

We decided to start out February by making Valentines for the ones we love! Adie loved it and was obsessed with the little pom poms. She would stuff as many as she could in her hands and carry them around and then stick them inside the washi tape! She even had so much fun she colored on the walls and I just about died! Good news is the crayon comes off with a magic eraser, the bad news is it takes off the paint with it! Needless to say we haven't colored in a couple days!

We thought it would be fun to send out our own handmade Valentine's this year!  So she colored construction paper I cut into hearts and stickered them to death and added a few pom poms to really make them special! We'll have to really make her Valentine's fun by adding a little confetti and making them super special with a picture or two! Can't forget to throw in some candy hearts!

Can't wait to send these Valentine's out and start checking things off our February's Bucket List which I know Adie will love the sparklers and cookies! Love everything about this month! 

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