Friday, February 21, 2014

Mama & Mini Spring Style

We are giddy for Spring! Getting out of the house before we really become crazy and one of my most favorite things about Spring is the trees get the most beautiful blossoms ever. I didn't grow up with blossoms unless you count the ones on the cactus. We wont have to get dressed dancing to the hokey pokey fifty times and we can leave our worries behind us as we dart out the door running into the sunshine! So I've gathered up a few things to get us ready for Spring! 

love and be loved | blue jeans | polka dot shorts | stripped tank | floral skirt |
floral buttoned shirt | pink braided belt | panama hat | jean cuffed shorts | sunnies
I love all of the floral lately. I have gotten a few pair of leggings in crazy floral prints and I love them! The floral print buttoned top would be so cute paired with a few skinny necklaces and some flip flops. I love all of the newness at Peek Kids. You can never go wrong with their style, and I just know we will be in to shop a few times before Spring actually starts. I bought Adie a tank last week from GAP Kids and now I can't get enough of her in them! They look so adorable on her. I am thinking this panama hat is a must for Spring and Summer this year, especially for our trip to the beach because my hair becomes a crazy hot mess. Cannot wait! 

Today has been filled with basket rides and a lot of treats! Adie loves her little valentine cake stand and even better so do I !!! Totally durable and doesn't write on the walls :) best part. She is the funniest to watch when she feeds monkey treats, even makes the little nom nom sounds to go with it! 


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