Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love and Be Lovable

JEANS: Old Navy

JACKET: Nordstrom

BOOTS: Nordstrom

Me and Adie went to Peek Kids the other day and I am still dying! I told her we're going to have to bring Daddy back with us so we can get everything! They have so many fun tees and everything you need for Spring! One of my favorite things about their clothes is they are incredibly soft and I just want to snuggle Adie even more when she wears them! Not to mention they gave her a Valentine with a tootsie pop and she licked that thing to death! This little Benjamin Franklin tee is one of my most favorite we've gotten yet! Not to mention the jean on jean look is stinking cute!

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These are all must haves we're dying over! I cannot wait for summer to put Adie in those cute shorts! Right now at Peek Kids they are still having their Peek-A-Boom sale and join the birthday month club!!! We so did!!! Also they have a tee shirt punch card which will totally come in handy when we snag these! Peek Kids is by far one of our favorite places to shop!!!

Cheers to being Friday and the weekend!!! 

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