Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hearts plus His + Hers Valentines

We're starting out Valentine's week right with a lot of hearts! Today was a donut day for sure and since they just opened Dunkin' Donuts we were all about it! Of course we had to get the heart shaped donut with sprinkles, until I noticed it had filling! I hate filling and even worse surprise filling! But we managed to eat a few munchkins! Adie literally sticks the entire donut hole in her mouth and reaches for more! Cutest breakfast date ever! 

Stopped by Target like we always do when we manage to get out of the house and Adie still cannot resist the softest pink heart pillow, so we bought it! She has not stopped hugging it since. And a major meltdown happened when I took it to cut the tag off! I would buy her a hundred pillows if she'd stay this little and sweet forever!

Since we no longer have Adie's Christmas Tree in her room and her crib is on the other side of the room from the light switch, we got her a night light so there is always just a little glow! I am loving it so much and she sure seemed to too! I bought it from House y Home on Etsy! She has the cutest things ever! This night light will work perfect too when we have to make that transition to big girl room! Love it and the fact that its pink and says Love You!!!

And her cuteness when she goes to bed, she has to have her books and her friends oh and her new heart pillow! She is the best little thing ever when it comes to nap time! I am one lucky mama! Now when it's bedtime she has to put throw monkey, reindeer and bunny in her crib and then she tries to climb in herself! Then I'll hear her talking and giggling while her music plays and before you know she's having sweet dreams!

With Valentine's Day being Friday I have some shopping to still do! Eric tells me not to get him anything. I know! So of course I had to come up with a his and hers list and actually had some help from Eric! Usually we girls don't want appliances, they really don't shout I Love You but I am really loving this pink toaster! We have been making toast lately for breakfast, which Adie gets heart shaped toast :) and this would be a cute new must have in the kitchen. I love chocolate of course, but mostly with caramel and nuts and Eric is a huge dark chocolate eater so we both wouldn't go wrong with chocolate! 

Happy Hearts!

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