Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Girly Girl

Valentine's is everywhere! Today we sent out a few handmade hearts with scribbles and tons of stickers to those we love lots! I think I loved putting them together as much as Adie loved coloring on the walls! But nothing is better than getting snail mail with cuteness inside!

With Valentine's Day being a week away I thought I'd gather a few things that would be perfect for the girly girl and by girly girl I mean me :) and so Eric gets a few ideas of things I would totally LOVE! But seriously I am just looking forward to spending time with My Hubby! I am loving the pink polaroid camera, sometimes it's just fun to have instant pictures! I know Adie would love it too! I am dying over these shoes still and think they would be just perfect for Spring and Summer! 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven
Speaking of girly girl I think Adie is totally following in my footsteps of being one except when she eats! She has always made sure every piece of whatever she has gets in her mouth and all at once! But she loves her macaroni and cheese and even more so using your fork! I just can't believe how big girl she is! She just captures my heart every day!

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