Wednesday, February 5, 2014


One thing that always made me crazy is where do I put all the diapers, wipes, creams and lotions when I no longer have a changing table! Adie freaks out when we change her on anything higher than the floor and not to mention totally has outgrown her changing table forever ago. So I have always just kept her wipes warmer and a stack of diapers under her crib, not my favorite spot but it worked. I even shoved everything in one of her dresser drawers which instantly became a pain in the butt

This has been at the top of my spring cleaning/get organized list! Everything goes a lot smoother when we are organized and diaper changing is a little less challenging! She sometimes decides to be buckin' bronco or runs off with a naked bum! I am loving these baskets to keep everything in one spot that I even bought one for under the bathroom sink because that's a hot mess. I have tried a few creams/ointments for Adie and by far one of my favorites is the A+D original ointment. Another favorite is the aveeno baby soothing relief cream, both work like a dream.

glass canister | small wire basket | plush owl | sophie the giraffe
That plush owl and sophie the giraffe are the best at keeping Adie still and in one spot so I can get her back to being fresh. This winter has been really harsh on her skin so the baby oil has been a life saver. We give her baths every other day and slick her down with oil when her skin is still wet so it absorbs all of it and that has worked like a beauty! We've added a humidifier and took away a blanket or two and her skin literally looks 110% better in just two days! I was dying, she would scratch her little shoulders and it just looked miserable. The aveeno eczema therapy is another cream we would lather on before naps and bedtime which I think really helped get her skin back to that baby so soft!

Having the diaper basket on her dresser still makes me think she's my little baby girl and that she's not growing up way too fast! Before you know it she'll be potty trained, in a big girl room running off to college! Adie insisted she clean my ears out after she used the q-tip like a paintbrush and rubbed it on everything! She hated getting her ears cleaned at first until we said tickle tickle your ears and now she totally does it herself! I guess everything just has to be fun! :)

Working on a fun giveaway for you guys happening next week ... SO EXCITED!!! 
So here's to making it through another day and diaper change! :)

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